Violations With Aggravating Circumstance

Certain types of student behavior are beyond the norm of student behavior as covered by the school policies.

These would include but are not limited to: violent behavior, terroristic threats(whether written, verbal or via computer), thefts of large amounts of money or items, thefts from faculty or staff, public drunkenness or drug use at or associated with school activities or behavior outside of school that is scandalous to the reputation of the school.

At the discretion of the administration, these types of behavior will result in dismissal from school and in certain situations the involvement of the police.

In the event the student is retained, in addition to suspension, demerits and detentions, the student will be subject to administrative review and may also be subject to: an immediate failure in conduct, discipline summer school, immediate removal from teams and extracurricular activities, no participation in socials, dances or proms.

If the student is a senior, she/he may lose the right to graduate in public with the class.