Any PE&T student who fails an academic course will be required to make up that course in summer school. Any PE&T student who fails conduct or exceeds the maximum number of absences(15) will be required to attend summer school.

Summer school is 24 days and begins the week after the close of school. Each academic class is 75 minutes in length with 75 minutes of assigned homework.

Discipline/Attendance Courses are conducted for 2 weeks. Each class is 2 hours per day. A failure to complete summer school will result in dismissal from PE&T.

Rules of PE&T Summer School

  • Students are dismissed from academic summer school after 3 absences.  After their 3rd absence, a student's parent/guardian will have to begin the transfer process. Two lates to class equals one absence.  There are no excused absences in summer school.
  • Discipline/Attendance summer school does not permit any absences.
  • Students must be properly dressed for summer school.  The building can be very cool in the summer months. Students are not allowed to wear short-shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts to school.  All items must be appropriate for school.
  • If a student has to attend for discipline and/or attendance, that student can only be scheduled for a maximum of 3 failures.  Please make sure your student is aware of this policy!  If a student does not have to attend for discipline and/or attendance, they can be scheduled for a maximum of 4 failures. 
  • Any questions regarding summer school should be directed to Mr. Thomas Conway, Director of Summer School