Seniors are required to pay a senior fee of $285.00 to PE&T Charter High School. This fee will be used for various items that will be purchased for them throughout their senior year.  Senior Prom is NOT included in the senior fee. The senior fee includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Senior Yearbook (personalized)
  • Senior Class Mug (personalized)
  • Senior Class T-Shirt
  • Senior Trip / transportation
  • Senior Barbeque / Battle of the Sexes<
  • Senior Phillies game ticket
  • Senior Parent Dinner (2 parent tickets/ 1 student ticket)
  • Senior jacket
  • Graduation Materials
  • Graduation announcements
  • Senior Key Chain
  • Three payments of $95 can be made throughout the school year on due dates that are designated on the school calendar or one final payment of $285 can be made by January 19th, 2007.  Payments can be cash, checks or money orders made out to PE&T Charter High School”and given to the Activities Director, Mrs. Rosemarie DeFelice.


    There are NO COMPLETE REFUNDS OF SENIOR FEE! Seniors who fail to meet graduation requirements will receive a refund of $50 for their graduation materials. All other materials must still be paid for since they have been previously ordered and paid for by the school.