Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law requires every student to be in attendance on all school days and hours that school is in session.  The law further mandates that students may not absent themselves without the approval of the school.  Regular, consistent attendance at school is necessary and critical for success.  Every absence from school must be accompanied by a phone call from a parent or guardian that same morning verifying the nature of the absence.  Calls should be made to the school (267-514-1823, extension 296) between 7:00 A.M. and 7:30 A.M.  Parents/Guardians will be called by the school if a student’s absence has not been reported. 


Students will be allowed 8 excused absences (absent note from parent). Thereafter, the only “excused” absences are medical situations verified by a physician, a death in the immediate family, and/or a verifiable family emergency.  All absent notes must be submitted to the Security Officer located at the Main Entrance on the day the student returns to school. 

Students absent for three (3) or more consecutive days must submit a note from a physician.  It should also be noted that students are not permitted to participate in any school sponsored activities on days when they are absent unless prior approval has been obtained from school officials.


Any student who arrives at school after 7:50am will be marked as late to school.  If a student is marked late ten (10) or more times in a quarter they will be required to attend one summer school session. There are four (4) quarters in a school year.  Each quarter a student starts with zero (0) lates. 


In addition, any student who demonstrates persistent lateness and/or absence will be referred to the Disciplinarian for further action.


Due to safety and security reasons, the school reserves the right to contact parents/guardians regarding absences and lateness.  In addition, the school also reserves the right to contact the School District of Philadelphia’s truancy office if in fact truancy is suspected.



10 Days, Meeting with Counselor 

15 Days, Meeting with Disciplinarian, Counselor and Parent/Guardian

15+ Days, Student will be required to attend a Summer School session for attendance.

Early Dismissals  

The following procedure must be followed for excused early dismissals to be granted:


v  a letter signed by a parent/guardian containing a valid reason for the request are encouraged to send to the school office one (1) day prior to the requested early dismissal.

v  any student requesting an early dismissal should be picked up by a parent or guardian or their designee (a responsible adult over the age of 21).  Proper identification is required.


v  Some examples of valid reasons for early dismissal are:


-          participation in religious observances

-          attendance at funeral services

-          a family crisis or emergency


Standard medical and dental check-ups should be scheduled after school hours.

It is imperative that this procedure be strictly adhered to.