The objective of our school’s Code of Conduct is to develop, encourage, and maintain an environment and atmosphere that promotes respect and consideration for others and a desire to learn.  PE & T’s Code of Conduct is designed to allow our students to be pro-active; to assume responsibility in all situations and be accountable for their actions and behavior.

The authority to exercise the disciplinary process extends to all staff.  In cases of serious misconduct, repetitive misconduct, or conduct that is grossly unbecoming of any student, that student will be referred to the Disciplinarian and the Discipline Committee for appropriate intervention. 

Any student, who knowingly and willingly continues to ignore and/or violate our school’s Code of Conduct after intervention by the Discipline Committee, will be referred to the Discipline Review Board (a panel of parents and teachers).  Upon review and examination, the Discipline Review Board will render their determination as to what action(s) should be taken.  This could include a disciplinary hearing before the Board of Trustees.

Students who are absent, suspended, failing two or more classes, or failing conduct according to our conduct formula, are not permitted to participate in any school sponsored event that day (athletics, practices, events, dances).



Abusive acts of any kind directed at Staff or any student are strictly prohibited.  This includes, but not limited to, harassment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, racial or ethnic harassment, extortion, words or acts that threaten another student or staff person or incite others to do so, coercion, blackmail, and preventing students from entering, leaving, or moving about the school or engaging in school activities by threats or harassment.


Any student apprehended and/or arrested by law enforcement authorities while at school or at any school related function will be suspended immediately and referred to the Discipline office.  Parents/Guardians will be notified immediately and the suspension will remain in effect until the outcome has been determined by the authorities.


Any student who assaults, or threatens to assault a Staff person, a Student, or any school employee will be issued an out-of-school suspension immediately, and the incident will be referred to the Discipline office.  Pending an investigation and review, the Disciplinarian will determine what action should be taken.  This could include, but not limited to, reviews by the Discipline Committee and Discipline Review Board, and possible referral to the Board of Trustees for a disciplinary hearing.