Communication Devices

Cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 players, CD Players, Game Boys, PSPs and similar devices ARE PROHIBITED!


All of the above must be kept out of sight at all times.  They must be kept in the student’s locker or in the student’s bookbag.


The following disciplinary actions will occur if a student has one of the above devices in plain sight:


First Offense:               
Device is taken from student; student can retrieve the device
at the end of the day (2 demerits issued)


Second Offense:       
Device is taken from student; parent must come in to retrieve
the device (2 demerits issued)


Third Offense:                       
Device is taken from student; device will not be returned until
the end of the school year (2 demerits issued)

* Any student who refuses to hand over a device when requested by a school   

   employee will be sent to the disciplinarian, parents will be notified, and the    

   student will be suspended.

*Communication Devices are the responsibility of the student! The school is not       

   responsible for lost or stolen devices.