The demerit system has been established to enable students to act responsibly and to be accountable for their own performance and behavior. By implementing this system, it is the hope of the Administration that students will learn to appreciate the importance and the need for self-discipline.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify and advise their parents/guardians of any infractions incurred with regard to the school's Code of Conduct or the school's regulations.

Every student will begin the semester with 100 points. The passing grade in discipline is seventy (70). Violations of the Code of Conduct or of school rules and regulations will result in points being deducted from a students conduct grade.

More serious violations could result in more serious penalties. Point deductions can vary from one (1) point for a minor violation to thirty-one (31) points for more serious violations. In any event, the Disciplinarian will make the determination as to what measures will be taken in the event of persistent conduct violations. As a student begins to lose points, the following action will begin:

When a student accumulates twenty (20) points, a detention will be issued and the parents will be notified by mail. When a student reaches thirty-one (31) points, the student and the parents will be advised that their child is failing conduct.

The following is a list of some infractions and the number of points that may be assessed:



  • One Point: sleeping in class, chewing gum, wearing headphones, stairway or corridor disruption, failing to follow directions, using profanity
  • Three Points: classroom disruption, cafeteria disruption, carrying and/or using a cell phone, defiance, bringing food or drink into the classroom, failing to carry your school I.D.
  • Five Points: being removed from class, smoking within the building, missing detention
  • Ten Points: cutting a class or block, disrespecting a teacher or staff person,leaving school property without permission, verbally threatening another student
  • Thirty Points: physical violence, truancy, drug use and/or possession, bringing into school or harboring any weapon, vandalism, burglary or theft, directing verbally offensive, threatening or profane remarks towards any staff person