Fire Drills and Safety Plans

Quiet and mature conduct is expected at this time in order to provide a safe exodus for all students and staff in the event of a hazardous and dangerous situation.  Signs are provided in each classroom with emergency evacuation procedures.  The following must be observed during all fire drills:

  • All lights out; all windows closed…
  • Walk rapidly and in single file…
  • Walk to the nearest stairwell
  • Stay with your class or group; return to the same classroom or area from which you came without talking, laughing, etc.
  • NOTE:  Deliberately turning a false alarm is a criminal offense….

    Our school has carefully crafted a plan for a variety of emergencies and/or crisis situations.  The procedures for these plans include a lock down, shelter in place, and other plans in the event of an emergency.   Plans will be reviewed in all Homerooms with students as part of the instructional plan at the beginning of the school year and practiced in the form of drills throughout the school year.