Life Skills Program

The PETCHS Life Skills program is low incidence programming that serves students with a range of mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. The students receive functional training in independent living which includes personal health, hygiene, and problem solving.  The curriculum also includes functional academics such as reading, writing, and math skills with technology integration.  The focus of the program is to build independence and provide students with the skills necessary to live and work in the community.

Low Incidence Special Education Programs are designated educational programs for students who are determined to require Life Skills Support or Multiple Disabilities Support. Students in the Low Incidence Special Education Programs are included in the regular school buildings, to the extent determined by the Individual Education Program (IEP) of each child, students may participate in general education programs. Students in the PETCHS life skills program participate in alternative curriculum developed to address educational and functional needs. This curriculum focuses on the following:

Functional Academics: Skills, which represent an application of an academic skill to a real life situation at home, on the job, or in the community.

Domestic Maintenance: Skills that are necessary to participate in home life in the community.  

Interpersonal Communication and Social Skills: Skills that are necessary to communicate and interact with others.  This includes skills required to respond to others, follow directions, indicate preferences, communicate, etc.

PreVocational/Vocational: Skills that are necessary to secure and maintain a job. 

Recreation and Leisure: Skills that are used to engage in free time activities for pleasure.