Cooperative Education


The Cooperative Education Program is a capstone to our educational experience. This program is a capstone course offered to our students during their senior year. This course designed to afford the student the opportunity to develop skills and gain work experience, while receiving exposure to a variety of technical and administrative career fields. The students will spend a portion of their school day working for an approved company or organization, in lieu of classroom work. 

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the responsibilities of the workforce, while in a secure climate.  Students will identify routines and practices of the companies/organizations in his/her desired profession.  This program provides students necessary skills for employment in these industries and assists them with the school-to-work transition. Students will receive school credit for successful completion of this course.

Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School has over fifty community partners in a variety of different career fields. Our cooperative education team helps to partner students with employers.