Language Instruction Education Program

The goal of Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School’s LIEP is to meet the language needs of English Learners and help our ELs (English Learners)  increase their language proficiency in the four domains of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

English Learners are first identified by the Home Language Survey that a parent or guardian of our incoming students must complete upon enrollment. If a language other than English appears on the Home Language Survey, the PDE English Learner Identification Process is followed. Based on results, a student may be placed in an appropriate LIEP.

Parents of ELs have the right to refuse certain separate, specialized programs and services that may be a part of the LIEP for their children.

For more information on our LIEP you can contact our ESL Coordinator:

Ms. Rosemarie DeFelice

Head of Academics/ ESL Coordinator

267-514-1823 (ext. 251)

[email protected]

Home Language Survey found HERE

Language Instruction Education Plan HERE

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