Staff Directory

Name & Title Phone Number Email Address
Bachman, Suzanne E. 267-514-1823 x306
Science Department Chair
Science Teacher
Bagosy, Vicky 267-514-1823 x292
Science Teacher
Bates, Kevin 267-514-1823 x236
Math Teacher
Beck, David 267-514-1823 x321
Social Studies Teacher
Beck, Rachel 267-514-1823 x320
Science Teacher
Beck, Tina 267-514-1823 x327
Social Worker
Black, Joe 267-514-1823 x287
Director of Security
Cafeteria 267-514-1823 x323
Carberry, Bill 267-514-1823 x242
IT Coordinator
E-Rate Coordinator
Carrillo, Arnulfo 267-514-1823 x319
Spanish Teacher
Cassidy, John 267-514-1823 x221
Academic Assistant
Clayton, Christopher 267-514-1823 x300
Athletic Director
Head Baseball Coach
Dean of Students
Cleary, Molly 267-514-1823 x227
English Teacher
Conner, Gail 267-514-1823 x248
Business Secretary
DeFelice, Rose 267-514-1823 x241
English Teacher
ESL Teacher/Coordinator
Deissroth, Kayne 267-514-1823 x240
Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary
Dougherty, Erin 267-514-1823 x310
Eife, Allison 267-514-1823 x315
Special Education Teacher
Elkin, David 267-514-1823 x317
Math Teacher
Fiocca, George 267-514-1823 x248
Director of Development
French, Jane 267-514-1823 x297
Science Teacher
Giampolo, Tom 267-514-1823 x308
Head of Academics
Gresock, Doug 267-514-1823 x225
English Teacher
Harrison, Tanya 267-514-1823 x246
Art Teacher
Assistant Softball Coach
Hutchins, Desiree 267-514-1823 x287
Non Teaching Assistant
Kelly, Matthew 267-514-1823 x293
Social Studies Teacher
Kowalick, Kayla 267-514-1823 x229
Special Education Teacher
Ludlow, Michelle 267-514-1823 x222
Guidance Counselor
Matthews, Gerald 267-514-1823 x287
Non Teaching Assistant
McGarry, Julie 267-514-1823 x288
English Teacher
McKeever, Diana 267-514-1823 x245
Math Teacher
McKenna, Khristine 267-514-1823 x330
Math Teacher
McWilliams, Denise 267-514-1823 x332
English Teacher
Miraski, Kevin 267-514-1823 x242
Instructional Technology Coach
Moore, Cynthia 267-514-1823 x228
Health & Physical Education Teacher
Cheerleader Coach
Murphy, Dennis 267-514-1823 x322
Social Studies Teacher
National Honor Society Moderator
Girls Basketball Coach
Assistant Baseball Coach
Murtha, Bill 267-514-1823 x287
Non Teaching Assistant
Neill, Alexis 267-514-1823 x230
Math Teacher
Noreski, Jack 267-514-1823 x305
Cooperative Education
Head Softball Coach
Nurse's Office 267-514-1823 x239
O'Hanlon, Sharon 267-514-1823 x307
Math Teacher
Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
O'Hara, Theresa 267-514-1823 x302
Student Service Assistant
Ojeda, Amanda 267-514-1823 x231
English Teacher
Olkowski, Mark 267-514-1823 x238
Special Education Teacher
Pooler, Matt 267-514-1823 x309
Co-Op Department Teacher
Assistant Baseball Coach
Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach
Puchon, Chuck 267-514-1823 x233
Head of Student Services
Scullion, Lisa 267-514-1823 x243
Director of Data Management
Upsey, Dave 267-514-1823 x287
Non Teaching Assistant
Whalen, Stephanie 267-514-1823 x234
Social Studies Teacher
Wilson, John 267-514-1823 x250
Building Maintenance/Custodian
Wilson, Leigh-Ann 267-514-1823 x295
Director of Special Education
Wright, Krystin 267-514-1823 x311
Special Education Teacher