Frequently Asked Questions


How do students get admitted into the Co-Op Program?

  • Students apply for admission into the Cooperative Education Program. Applications are available, via Philadelphia E&T’s website, for all junior students during the second semester.

What are the requirements for admission into Co-Op?

  • All junior students may apply. Co-Op is an earned opportunity. Admission into Co-Op is based upon students’ discipline, attendance, lateness and academic record and interview.

How do the students get their jobs?

  • The Co-Op staff at Philadelphia E & T will place the student in a job as closely related to the student’s career interests or students may find their own job if it meets the requirements issued by the Co-Op Staff.

Are internships paid?

  • In almost all cases the students are in paid internships, there are some cases when the students and their families elect to work in shadowing/unpaid internships.

Are students given a grade for Co-Op?

  • Yes. Students are graded on site visits, weekly time cards, attendance and monthly work logs and employer evaluations.

What happens if a student fails Co-Op?

  • Since Co-Op is an academic course required for graduation, students with failing grades in Co-Op are subject to the Senior Failure Policy, elimiting participation in graduation exercises.

Can a student keep their Co-Op job when the Co-Op semester is over?

  • In most cases Co-Op is a semester long opportunity. However, many employers welcome students who demonstrate exceptional performance to continue working with them when their Co-Op Semester/Graduation is complete.

If a student already has a job, can that be used as a Co-Op job?

  • In some cases, the Co-Op staff will be sure that the employment qualifies for the course requirements.