Welcome From Our CEO

Welcome to our school's website!.

Let me try to capture what makes Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter High School so very special.

Our school offers a realistic approach to a high school education. Simply put, our school prepares ALL of our students for their post-secondary goals while ensuring that our students are the most employable high school students in Philadelphia. 

Our school community is diverse. Philadelphia E&T has a student body that reflects the racial, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity of our city of Philadelphia. Our teachers are extremely talented and dedicated. They are committed to creating a collaborative culture of professionalism and a safe-haven for student achievement. 

Philadelphia E&T establishes a pathway to success for each of our students.   By understanding the unique needs and desires of each of our students, we are able to help guide them in establishing a unique experience to help prepare each student for their future. The academic experience will afford students the opportunity to demonstrate academic achievement by tracking growth measures.

Throughout the years Philadelphia E&T has been operating, technology has changed dramatically.  In the next decade, we are remaining current with the evolving educational tools. Through a 1:1 technology initiative, we are engaging in an innovative approach to education. Application development and curricular design will be driven by these technologies. 

Beyond the classroom, Philadelphia E&T teaches its students to be responsible and independent, both inside the school, and as citizens of Philadelphia. Through community partnerships and out-of-school time programs, students engage in service-learning opportunities to share their gifts with their communities.

Philadelphia E&T is best known for its award winning Cooperative Education Program. The program gives our students applied work experience while still in school. This program is the capstone of our school program and has led to students establishing career paths with our partners.  The skills established in employment settings help students develop a competitive edge above their peers and offer each of them different conduits for success. Whether it is college or career immediately after graduation, our students will be equipped for that step.   Please take some time to visit our website and see all that Philadelphia E&T has to offer!


Erin Dougherty
Pronouns: (she/her/hers)