Student Acceptable Use Policy
Student AUP

PETCHS Student Acceptable Use & Internet Safety Policy

The school provides students with access to computers throughout our building, giving students access to network resources, software applications and the internet. The technology we provide is intended to enhance the student’s educational experience, as well as assist with meeting educational goals and standards. Since students are able to access resources outside of our network, all students will be trained on cyber safety as well as cyber bullying.

With this being said, before a student can utilize our resources the students must partake in a cyber bullying course, as well as read and sign our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The AUP is reviewed for the students by our computer teachers, and in this document we aim to educate the user on the school’s expectations and the responsibilities of the user.  When we refer to our AUP, we are encompassing both the cyber bullying course and our acceptable use policy.


Our students are expected to abide by the policies set forth in this document, and to apply what they learned in our cyber bullying course.  AUP violations can cause serious academic consequences for a student. If you lose your computer privileges due to a violation, you may not use a PE&T computer at any time during the duration of the disciplinary action imposed.

The violation is not the teacher's responsibility; the student is expected to be held fully responsible for his or her own actions.  We provide 2 options for students who violate our AUP:

  • You can complete computer-related assignments outside of school, this be at home, a public library, etc.
  • A student can recommend to their teacher another way to complete the assignment. The teacher will use their own discretion as to whether or not the proposal is acceptable and in accordance with the original assignment.
  • If no valid alternatives can be found, the end result may be that the student fails the course.


Level 1 Violation Descriptions and Disciplinary Actions

Level 1 Violations are considered minor offenses, and usually have little effect on other users or resources. These violations include, but are not limited to:

Using PE&T’s or the students technology during class for non-class related reasons (games, videos, music files, CDs, DVDs, handheld devices including phones, browsing off-topic websites)
Running non-threatening, unauthorized programs.
Removing or replacing hardware or cables without authorization
Sending an inappropriate email
Eating or drinking in any area around a computer

Disciplinary Actions for Level 1 Violations:

  • 1st Offense: Loss of PC privileges for remainder of day; 1 demerit; 1 detention
  • 2nd Offense: Loss of PC privileges for 1 week; 5 demerits; 5 detentions
  • 3rd Offense: Loss of PC privileges for 1 month; 10 demerits; 10 detentions
  • After 3rd Level 1 Violation, all subsequent Level 1 Violations become Level 2 Violations


Level 2 Violation Descriptions and Disciplinary Actions

Level 2 Violations are considered major offenses, and typically show the students disregard for other users, the school’s equipment and our policy.

These violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Banned website access attempts or visits.  A list of all sites a student accesses or attempts to access is recorded in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Our proxy servers automatically pick up any illegal site requests from students. Students are accountable for accessing, or attempting to access illegal sites unless approved by their teacher. Illegal sites include, but are not limited to: adult oriented sites, gambling sites, illegal drug sites, gaming or arcade sites, social networking sites (MySpace, facebook), etc.  For this violation, parents or guardians will be sent a list of sites their child accessed or attempted to access
  • Downloading and storing files on the network without teacher permission.
  • Failure to report vandalism or network security violations such as sharing user accounts
  • Vandalizing or purposely damaging hardware causing damage less than $100
  • Sharing Your Account with Another Student or Using another Student’s Account
  • Using technology to cheat, plagiarize or infringe copyright
  • Creating documents or posting information aimed at insulting, defaming or belittling another student, faculty, or staff member
  • Using or attempting to use proxy or anonymous surfing services to mask internet usage


Disciplinary Actions for Level 2 Violations:

  • 1st Offense: Loss of PC privileges for 1 week; 5 demerits; 5 detentions
  • 2nd Offense: Loss of PC privileges for 1 month; 10 demerits; 5 detentions; Parent and student must come in to review the AUP before access is given back to student
  • 3rd Offense: Loss of PC privileges for 1 year; 30 demerits; 10 detentions; Student must attend Summer School
  • After 3rd Level 2 Violation, all subsequent Level 2 Violations become Level 3 Violations


Level 3 Violation Descriptions and Disciplinary Actions

Level 3 Violations are considered severe offenses, and are typically malicious in nature with the intent to cause a major disruption on our network, or within the classroom.

These violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber bullying. Can be grounds for expulsion. 
  • Using a staff account to access network resources (software, typing papers, printing, etc) or surf the internet. This is under NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed at any time
  • Using a Staff PC. This is under NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed at any time. We have designated areas for students to use computers, a staff member’s PC is never OK to use
  • Attempting to acquire unauthorized access to the PE&T network. This includes trying to steal teacher, staff or administrators passwords
  • Using any personal hardware on our network without teacher or administrator consent
  • Creating documents or posting information advocating or threatening illegal acts towards self, another student, or staff member
  • Attempting or actually using tools for use with hacking, phishing, packet sniffing, etc.
  • Gambling, attempting to purchase illegal narcotics or products, or any other illegal activity
  • Purposely and willfully vandalizing or attempting to vandalize software, data or hardware causing damage greater than $100
  • Disciplinary Actions for Level 3 Violations:
  • Most of our Level 3 infractions can be grounds for dismissal from PE&T.
  • 1st Offense: Suspension; loss of PC privileges for 1 year; 30 demerits; 10 detentions; Parent must come in to review AUP, and make sure all parties understand the seriousness of this situation. Student must attend Summer School
  • 2nd Offense: Expulsion will be recommended to the Discipline Review Board
  • If at any time a student is caught using a PC during his or her disciplinary period, the student will be immediately charged with a Level 3 Violation.


Limitation of Liability

  • PE&T reserves the right to change at any time violation classifications and types, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • PE&T will make every attempt to provide a network that is without defect, but cannot make any guarantees that this will hold true
  • PE&T will not be considered responsible for any interruptions of computer use for any reason, and/or the loss of data (both saved and unsaved)
  • PE&T will not be held responsible for the accuracy of information obtained through or stored on our network, or on our website and PowerSchool system
  • PE&T will shift responsibility of financial obligations of damages caused by the unauthorized use of the system to the user who performed such acts



By accepting below you, the student, are agreeing that you have read and understand this document in its entirety and you agree upon the disciplinary actions set forth in this document if you violate this policy.


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